A-Z Quick Global Mini-Tour of National Legacy Campaigns

Join us for an A-Z tour around the world, a compilation of Natasha van Bentum's tweets posted this Spring about all the national legacy campaigns.
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About Natasha van Bentum
"In a movement, there are participants and leaders. When it comes to environmental philanthropy and the work needed to be done to ensure green charities have a seat at the table and a piece of the pie - Natasha is a leader in every sense of the word. Thousands of organizations owe her a debt of gratitude for her highly strategic efforts. And we will all have a planet to live on thanks to her passion and unwavering dedication to action, not just words." Paul Nazareth, VP Education and Development, CAGP (Canadian Association of Gift Planners)


Monthly Giving Mentorships

Summer 2020

Monthly Giving – Learning Together is a training and mentorship program offered by Natasha van Bentum through her project G2 / Give Green Canada. The original program was made possible by funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Are you exhausted by the never-ending quest to obtain sustained funding for operations?   

Monthly giving builds donor loyalty, boosts income and provides financial stability.
This program features G2’s unique combination of innovative technologies and one-on-one mentoring. The original program hosted a series of webinars (see below) that can be freely accessed. 

As monthly giving expert Harvey McKinnon puts it, there are “7 Very Good Reasons to Focus on Monthly Giving":
  • Increased income
  • Building better relationships
  • Donors stay longer
  • Predictability
  • Savings
  • Income grows over time
  • Convenience

Even if you already have a monthly giving program in place, “Monthly Giving - Learning Together” will help you to maximize revenue and increase donor loyalty.  

Working together, we identify practical, achievable goals. The time commitment is not onerous and G2 will work around your schedule. This is what one of our previous mentorees has to say (see more testimonials, below):

 “This mentorship experience with Natasha van Bentum of G2 /Give Green Canada was highly valuable, timely and addressed a real need within our organization. It has sparked so many great new ideas and given us many resources to work with; we are already seeing results.

To participate, please contact Natasha van Bentum by email vanbentum"at"gmail.com.

About G2 / Give Green Canada
We provide mentorships, tools and training for NGO's and work with donors and professional advisors to encourage green philanthropy. Our Green Legacies Guide is available online. 

Acknowledgement: the original G2 /Give Green Canada “Monthly Giving – Learning Together” program was made possible by funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


Welcome to the Monthly Giving resource section (books, presentations, good examples of web pages, videos, interviews and articles)


The book on monthly giving, by Harvey McKinnon:   "Hidden Gold", paperback version available at HMA or Amazon, click here.   "This book will tell you everything you need to know about the most important growth area in fundraising. Harvey reveals the secrets that have helped his clients raise millions of dollars through monthly giving. Hidden Gold is a great read and an essential resource for fundraisers of any size organization.” (Ken Burnett review.)

 Monthly Giving - The Sleeping Giant, by Erica Waasdorp. And click here for a review of the book.

Slide Shows

Integrated Monthly Giving - a joint presentation from Harvey McKinnon and Associes (HMA) and HJC New Media on integrating your monthly giving program across the organization . multi-channel.

Monthly Giving and the Next Generation of Giving

The Holy Grail of Monthly Giving:  Finding, Keeping and Loving Sustainers, a joint presentation by Harvey McKinnon, Teva Harrison, NCC and Ryann Miller, Care2.

Links to good examples of monthly giving web landing pages

Amnesty International (Canada) has a robust monthly giving program.  This is the current link to their monthly giving landing page. 

And here is an example of their older landing page which we've included here to show the good summary (in the right-hand margin) of why it's important, also see the testimonial on the same page.

Mercy Corps has a clear and easy to navigate monthly giving page including clever use of a matching opportunity for the donor's first monthly gift.

Jane Goodall Institute (Canada) - their monthly giving page is simple, 'clean', and has a good-size font.

The monthly giving page of Greenpeace Canada shows a good example of offering donors the option to give by credit card or direct-debit.  
TIP:  notice the pop-up menu when you change the method of payment from the default of credit card to direct debit from your chequing account.

OXFAM Canada's monthly giving landing page includes bullet-point listings of (1) why monthlyu giving is the best way to give and (2) the benefits of monthly giving.

EXAMPLES OF MONTHLY GIVING CAMPAIGNS from SOFII (Showcase for Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration)

A mail campaign from Doctors Without Borders re: converting one-time donors to monthly donors (referred to here as "regular donors"), Australia

A High Donor Monthly Giving Campaign, from Greenpeace UK.

ARTICLES - with thanks to contributors

Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Monthly Giving Program - article by Harvey McKinnon on Charity Info

Harvey's Seven Reasons Why Every Organization Should Recruit Monthly Donors - by Lisa MacDonald on Charity Info

Four More Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Monthly Giving Program, by Eliza Slone on 
"nth Factor blog"

The Three "R"s of Monthly Giving:  Recruitment, Retention and Renewal by Alison Keys of Keys Direct Marketing

Setting Up a Program?  Start Small - But Do Start", from Pamela Grow's blog.

10 Things You Need to Know About Setting Up a Monthly Giving Program, by Heather Fignar

Attrition - "Ways to Stop the Bleeding" from Cornerstone

Retaining Monthly Donors, by Mark Pitman on ngEngage

Donor Retention:  lengthy but worthwhile paper by leading philanthropy academic and researcher Adrian Sargeant,  "Donor Retention: What Do We Know and What Can We Do About It?"


Lengthy but worth reading: interview with Harvey McKinnon, on "Pamela's Grantwriting Blog".

Author of "Monthly Giving - the Sleeping Giant"  Erica Waasdorp talks about Direct Mail and Monthly Giving.

Interview with Jo Sullivan, Successful MonthlyGiving Programs.

Interview with fundraising maestro Ken Burnett.


Stephen Lewis talks about the importance of monthly giving to the Stephen Lewis Foundation in this short video

Video: Monthly Giving - a Tool for Sustainable Fundraising  (Vimeo)

From the Kersten Agency (USA), "What Motivates Monthly Giving?"

This is clever, an 11-second video from Arizona PBS thanking monthly donors for making a "pledge-free" day possible.  

We welcome your suggestions of other material to add.


"Where Are You Stuck?" G2 presentation by Harvey McKinnon

Are you stuck in something at work?  A problem that seems like it will never change? If so, you're not alone. And there is help. Many of us find ourselves in a complicated and stressful situation from time to time. This is your chance to submit a real-life scenario to Harvey. 


Overcoming Resistance to the Ask

Here is the link to Harvey McKinnon's presentation "Overcoming Resistance to Asking", on Scribd.  


G2's presentation by monthly giving expert Harvey McKinnon - on Donor Retention

Please click here for a link to Harvey's presentation on donor retention, available on Scribd.

And here is the link to the recording of the webinar, courtesy of our wonderful partner CISCO Canada.